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Family and Consumer Sciences Education

The Family and Consumer Sciences Education (FCS ED) program prepares effective teachers who know and can use best teaching practice to make a difference in student learning. Family and Consumer Science (FCS) educators empower individuals and families to manage challenges of living and working in a diverse, global society. Our unique focus is on families, work, and their relationships.

Family and Consumer Sciences programs include courses directed by the State Standards for middle and high schools in Ohio. Course titles include Consumer and Financial Literacy, Managing Transitions, Healthy and Safe Food, Career Search, Healthy Living, and Child Development.

Ohio State academic programs are designed to prepare students for licensure or certification in Ohio. If you plan to pursue licensure or certification in a state other than Ohio, please review state educational requirements for licensure and certification at

Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers and Alumni

Master of Arts with Teacher Licensure

Bachelor of Science with Teacher Licensure