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Master of Arts in Educational Studies, Educational Administration

A Master of Arts in Educational Administration will prepare you to be an outstanding school administrator who advances teaching, learning and achievement in your school or school district. This program is designed as an innovative approach to advance your skills as an emergent school leader. Beyond foundational knowledge, you'll collaborate with school district administrators and teachers to solve critical problems.


The Master of Arts in Educational Studies specializing in Educational Administration is a practice-based educational research degree designed for students who aspire to be educational administrators.

The practice-based educational research of the master's studies focuses on relevant theories while placing great emphasis on professional activities and experiences.

As a part of the master's program you will learn the skills needed to advance the practice of education professionals in their work settings. Those who graduate with a master's degree specializing in Educational Administration from Ohio State become leaders in school districts, state education agencies and other education organizations.

You also have the option to combine a master's degree with the Licensure Program for Principals. Previous experience as a teacher and a letter of recommendation from your superintendent is required to be considered for this licensure program.

Career Paths

Graduates of these programs serve in primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities. They also serve in other educational, governmental or human service agencies across the nation and throughout the world.


Deadline to Apply: 
April 1
Program Start: 
Autumn semester
Prerequisites/Pre-major Requirements: 
Bachelor's degree; minimum 3.0 GPA; current GRE scores
Minimum Program Hours: 

Coursework: Leadership, Counseling, Human Diversity, Politics, Ethics
Other requirements: Research, examination or case study

Application checklist


Anika Anthony, PhD, Associate Professor
Noelle Arnold, PhD, Associate Professor
John Conrath, PhD, Senior Lecturer
Melissa Conrath, PhD, Senior Lecturer
Phillip Daniel, EdD, Flesher Professor
Belinda Gimbert, PhD, Associate Professor
Roger Goddard, PhD, Fawcett Professor
Scott Sweetland, PhD, Associate Professor