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PhD in Educational Studies, Educational Administration

The PhD in Education Administration positions you to be the next generation of thought leaders in educational administration. You'll explore the theories, research and practices of educational administration and their relationships. You'll also get to work closely with faculty to advance research in an area of study that makes an impact on scholarship, policy and practice.


The PhD in Educational Studies specializing in Educational Administration emphasizes the theory, research and practice of educational administration, and how they are interrelated.

You'll get a global view of educational administration that includes the organizational behavior, politics and economics of education. A major focus of the program is on research that will advance education, help you become a leader and contribute to the creation of new knowledge in the field. Some areas of research students may study include:

  • Governance
  • Policy
  • Organizational analysis
  • Organizational structure and learning
  • Leadership
  • Organization and human development
  • Instructional leadership
  • Budget and finance
  • Collective bargaining
  • Employment relations
  • School and community relations
  • Equity and law

The faculty in Educational Administration engage actively with students in their inquiry and are committed to having an impact on the scholarship, policy and practice related to students' studies and interests.

Career Paths

Graduates primarily go on to careers as university faculty, government policy scholars or institutional researchers. They also serve in primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities and other educational, governmental or human service agencies across the nation and throughout the world.


Deadline to Apply: 
December 1
Program Start: 
Autumn semeseter
Prerequisites/Pre-major Requirements: 
Master's degree, current GRE scores
Minimum Program Hours: 

Coursework: Educational Policy, Experimental Design, Qualitative Research, Organizational Behavior, Politics, Economics, Law
Other requirements: Research apprenticeship, dissertation
Academic opportunities: Graduate associateships, scholarships, university fellowships

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Superintendents in Residence

John Marschhausen, PhD, Hilliard City Schools
Talisa Dixon, EdD, Columbus City Schools
Marie Ward, PhD, Fairfield County Educational Service Center