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Educator Licensure Programs

The Office of Accreditation, Placement, and Licensure recommends more than 550 candidates and interns for licensure approval each year. The Ohio State University Educator Preparation Unit prepares individuals for work in the P-12 system and recommends individuals for teaching, endorsement, administrator, and pupil services licenses. If you have completed your program and are ready to apply for a license, you may want to refer to Applying for a Teaching License - What to Know.

For general questions about licensure, please contact

Below are the professionally accredited licensure, endorsement, administrative, and pupil services licenses offered at Ohio State. Programs are offered on the Columbus campus unless noted otherwise. If you would like information on Transition Gates for programs (entrance to a program, acceptance to student teaching/internship or recommendation for licensure) please click here. Transition Gate I requires, among other items, completion of a disposition evaluation rubric.

All Bachelor level educator programs (English education, early childhood education, world language education, STEM education, etc.) require that you apply via a Tk20 application form. If you are interested in graduate level educator programs, click here.

Early Childhood Education (ECE): Grades PK-3
ProgramDegree/Licensure Options
Columbus CampusBSEd | MEd
Lima CampusBSEd
Mansfield CampusBSEd
Marion CampusBSEd
Newark CampusBSEd
Middle Childhood Education (MCE): Grades 4-9
ProgramDegree/Licensure Options
Columbus CampusBSEd | MEd
Lima CampusBSEd
Mansfield CampusBSEd
Marion CampusBSEd
Newark CampusBSEd
Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA): Grades 7–12
ProgramDegree/Licensure Options
English Education (Integrated Language Arts): 7-12BSEd | MEd
Mathematics Education (Integrated Mathematics): 7-12BSEd | MEd
Science Education: 7-12BSEd | MEd
Social Studies and Global Education (Integrated Social Studies): 7-12MEd
Special Education (Intervention Specialist)
ProgramDegree/Licensure Options
Early Childhood Intervention Specialist: PK-3BSEd | Licensure Only
Intervention Specialist: Mild/Moderate: K-12BSEd | Licensure Only
Intervention Specialist: Moderate/Intensive: K-12BSEd | Licensure Only
Sensory: Intervention Specialist: Hearing Impairments: PK-12MEd
Sensory: Intervention Specialist: Visual Impairments: PK-12MEd | Licensure Only
Multi-Age Licensure
ProgramDegree/Licensure Options
Art Education: PK-12BAE | Licensure Only
World Language Education: PK-12BSEd | MEd
Health Education: PK-12Licensure Only
Music Education: PK-12BME
Physical Education: PK-12BSEd
Physical and Health Education (Dual License)BSEd
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL): PK-12BSEd
Career Technical Licensure
ProgramLicensure Options
Agriscience Education: 4-12+BS
Family and Consumer Sciences: 4-12+BSEd | MA with license | Post-Baccalaureate
Integrated Business Education: 4-12+BSEd | Post-Baccalaureate
Administrator’s Licenses
ProgramLicensure Options
Principal: PK-6, 4-9, 5-12Accelerated | MA+ | Self-Paced
Pupil Services Licenses
Orientation and Mobility Specialist
School Counselor
School Audiologist
School Psychologist
School Social Worker
School Speech Language Pathologist

Applications are due by the 15th of each month, with the exception of Computer/Technology Endorsement and Teacher Leader.

Adapted Physical Education (Program is not accepting new students.)
Computer/Technology Endorsement
Early Childhood Generalist: 4-5 (Program available on all Ohio State campuses.)
Middle Childhood Generalist: 4-6 (Program available on all Ohio State campuses.)
P-6 Mathematics Specialist
Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs: Ages 3-5
Reading Endorsement: PK-12
Teacher Leader (post-Master’s)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL): PK-12

Professional Accrediting Associations

Certification and Licensure Dictionary

A "Certification and Licensure Dictionary" on the Ohio Department of Education website lists exactly which pre-K through Grade 12 courses one is qualified to teach. It identifies both the certification and licensure areas that are required for teaching specific courses. For more information, go to: Ohio Department of Education - Certification and Licensure Dictionary.